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Since our last post, the farm staff have been busy with beautiful new donkey foals, lambs and goat kids, and of course continuing the love and care of all the animals . We know the Corona virus has affected everyone one way or another, with families and friends not able to see many of the special people in their lives. This is particularly true of those in residential and nursing homes, hospitals and hospices as well as those over 70 or particularly vulnerable.
So as Miller’s Ark is all about “animals inspiring lives”, we can now offer a personalised farm video from you to your special family member or friend to share our farm in a unique and special way, .

Bettina AT
You record a message and send it to us via email and we will add entertaining and heartwarming footage from the farm. Special requests for donkeys, pigs etc can be accommodated and the end product is a perfect gift for birthdays, “thinking of you”, “missing you” or just “sending this to cheer your day”.

Our videos have already been enjoyed in several care homes and by people isolated in hospital and in their own homes, so if you would like to share the farm in this way with someone special in your life, please email with your message in words or on a video clip (of less than one minute), and the email address of the person or care home we are contacting. The cost for all this is £30 and all proceeds go directly to the feed and care of our animals.
You and your loved one will receive a certificate entitling you both to access an exclusive YouTube link to your personalised farm video.

If you are an organisation, and feel your service users would benefit from a “virtual farm tour” we are currently filming videos which can be activated by a unique YouTube link; and if you think anyone would like a mention of their first name in the video, we can add that too, especially if there is a particular animal they love. Please contact us by email only to discuss details.

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