Enjoy our last 2 days of Lambing open days, 10-4pm

April 18April 18_1

Wednesday 11th April
Thursday 12th April
For all piglet lovers we have a new litter of 5 adorable piglets too😃
Our Lambing Open Days with new lambs still being born… And we have lots of dinky little goat kids born too!
Cuddle all the baby donkeys and naughty goats.
Napoleon our new Great Dane puppy will be about for a cuddle and Bramble our much loved farm cat. And of course we’ll have friendly chicken, guinea pigs and baby rabbits to hold.
Farm entry is £8 for adults and children over 2, under 2’s are free.
Disabled parking near to the entrance.
Miller’s Ark Animals
Manor Farm
Hook, Hampshire RG27 9PH

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