Looking forward to welcoming back the group from Specsavers again soon to the farm!

We are really looking forward to welcoming back the Specsavers group to the farm for a community day in September!  Here is a wonderful letter from them after visiting in June…..

Hello there Miller’s Ark!

We would like to send a massive thank you for having us with you for our Community Day.

We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned new skills. Not only did we feel positive for volunteering, we also gained fantastic team building skills; 2 in 1!

We loved meeting all the animals whom are obviously very loved.

Sitting down for a cup of tea and some cake and getting to know you all was such a pleasure. Thank you, Elizabeth, for ensuring we didn’t miss out on the office ice-cream day also!

It’s wonderful how hands-on the farm is, it’s obvious how these animals help others through your charity, Animal Touch.

We also learned a lot from your incredible staff, such as the stages the eggs go through from the first incubator to out on the farm; things we wouldn’t have learned in our IT world, here at work!

We would love to come and help out again, there are also so many people asking to come along with us so we’d have a few more hands!

Kind regards, and thank you again.

Chelcie-Mae West AMBCS
Major Incident Manager
Head of Social, F6 


If you or your team would like to get involved at Animal Touch, please call or email;

Tel: 01256 767596
E-mail: elizabeth@millersark.co.uk

Specsavers JUn 16_3

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